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These days, most of the internet marketers are depending greatly on the proxies in order to accomplish their day to day tasks. Due to this the important for proxies has also become higher in the market. This has now been considered as one of the most important tools that are greatly used by the internet marketers. This type of tool is often used for SEO purposes. Keep in mind that IP addresses can be easily tracked and banned, and it can really a hamper your overall SEO efforts. So, to negotiate with this job, now days, marketers are taking help of the proxies. There is also software announced for this purpose among which Proxy Goblin has managed to receive a great demand in this business.

What it can do?

In order to get the proxies, usually you have to pay for the private proxy. However, the problem with them is that they never come in so cheap! But it’s the Proxy Goblin which is also considered as the most effective software that is not only available in low price range but also offering several other advantages to the marketers and making their work easier than ever before. It is also offering several similar services which are really important to have in terms of taking your SEO efforts to the next level. This software is also coming with several beneficial features that you can use and implement in order to reap more benefits out of your SEO campaign.

Why it is important?

The Proxy Goblin is the best software or the tools which can allow you to take advantage of several standard features at one go. You can expect these features with the other tools available under this category as well. With addition to that, this software is also loaded with different attributes which are not present with other similar tools. With comparison to others it is coming in a really affordable range. This software is equipped with more than 200 sources that can help you while trying to find out usable proxies. The prime advantage you can get is that such sources are always real and these are updated constantly and that means the proxies you are going to get can be expected fresh always. This tool will also allow you to add the proxies of your choice for the list and the own ones as well. This software can also help you in blacklisting some proxies. You can also collect some proxies through this tool which can be further used in Google. These are the features which are making Proxy Goblin one of the most flexible software that is all set to offer a wide range of features and services.


  • A dedicated and effective support forum
  • Cloud blacklisting and blacklisting
  • FTP proxies and email
  • Free pre scrapped proxies
  • Google verification
  • Free upgrades for lifetime
  • It can save the new proxies into text and CSV file
  • It is compatible with the Jet, Scrape, Wps, SeNuke X, Python Macros, Google URL and Scrape Board

Strong points:

The ability of this software to suggest the proxies that you are looking for is making this one a unique and an in demand tool among the marketers. With the flexible features added for this tool, it can really help you to make your SEO campaigns or the online marketing effort successful. With this tool you can perform several relevant tasks.

  • You can find the new proxies
  • You can blacklist the proxies
  • You can add own proxies
  • You can save them in text and CSV file
  • You can use the proxies in Google as well
  • You can take help of more than 200 sources to find out the right proxies
  • You can also take help of the dedicated forum to get suggestions from other users and can make the best use of Proxy Goblin.

Why you should buy it?

As far as buying of Proxy Goblin is concerned, this software can always keep you in the beneficial zone. With this tool you can have proper control on the proxies you require. With the use of this tool, you can create the list of fresh proxies at a gap of every fifteen minutes. This feature can really help you in a better way when you are using different SEO tools. This can speed up the work and can offer you great automation as well as output options that can facilitate the flow of work for you. With this software you can easily trace the paid and free proxies that work instantly for real.

Proxy Goblin is the automated proxy harvesting tool, and it is the set & forget system, which can harvest the amount of the proxies that are set by user & output list to email, FTP or .txt file upload. The Proxy Goblin review has all settings & choices that you will expect from good proxy tools with unique attributes, which I have not seen in some other tools. In output options pane you will see there are the program choices that can interface with selected program & send over proxies for programs to use it directly

How effective is the Proxy Goblin?

While you harvest the proxies with the Proxy Goblin it can search plenty of webpages having the lists of the public proxies, when it has downloaded such lists it can get checking them totally based on the settings. In case, you wish to use the proxies at Google for example you may set this to check out for the viability with the Google. This is one of the best product in the market.


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