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There are several tools announced now day’s for the SEO and internet marketing experts which can make a huge difference for your campaign relevant to SEO and online marketing. If you are aiming to make this happen in your career as an online marketer, then this is the right time to use Article Marketing Robot. This is a kind of software which is designed and announced for the market in order to make article marketing look simpler and this is what you can also guess from the name of this tool. It’s a unique tool that you can use now in order to speed up your SEO campaign and to ensure more profits out of it.

What it can do?

Article Marketing Robot is considered as one of the most important tools which you can use now in order to generate maximum benefits while doing article marketing for different websites and blogs. This also helps a website or a blog to rank higher in major search engines. If you are also looking for the same, then this is the right time to use the Article Marketing Robot which is announced by Vince Severson. You can use this software in order to generate thousands of backlinks that are rich with anchor text and the results are surely going to make your surprise and they can be shocking sometime! You might have used several other article marketing and similar software over the time.

But the kind of result it can offer you seems to be negligible. This is the most important article marketing tool that exists and distributed across the globe due to its great demand in this business. With the manual submission procedure, you are only going to submit the articles to a handful of directories. But taking help of this software can make a huge difference for your article marketing campaign and can bring in definite success.

When it’s all about generating quality backlinks for your website, the Article Marketing Robot can come in really handy. And this tool can even work in a better way, when you wish to get the perfect spin of your articles and to submit them at more than 3,000 article-directories. With this you can even submit those articles to blogs as well as Web 2.0 website which are accepting content now. The Article Marketing Robot is the right solution that you are still waiting.

Why it is important?

If you wish that your website or blog can rank at the top position for some of the most competitive keywords, then using the Article Marketing Robot can help you in many ways. No matter what sort of tool you are using, if that cannot be used for the intended purpose, then it’s of no use! In this regard, the Article Marketing Robot has always offered marketers the best deals once used for the right purpose. With this tool you can distribute thousands of unique copy of the unique articles to several directories and blogs in order to get quality backlinks.


There are several features added for this tool in order to make it more powerful and effective on the use. Not only you will be able to generate several copies of your unique article, but also you can submit them to several article directories and blogs in quick time.

  • You can also do keyword research with the help of this tool in order to select the best keywords relevant to your niche.
  • You can even take advantage of auto sign up like feature
  • It can help in adding more directories
  • Email verification is also there
  • Scheduled submissions can be performed

Strong points:

  • If you are looking forward to have such software through which you can submit mass articles to many directories, then Article Marketing Robot is what you can consider using now.
  • With this software you can take advantage of automated settings. From the start, you can find everything to be automated.
  • This software will help you to signup with several article directories automatically.
  • Once this is done, you can put the required articles and submit them at once.
  • You can also drip feed the articles to the required websites.
  • In this way, you will be able to get several quality backlinks that will take the position of your site up in the major SERPs.

Why you should buy it?

Buying the Article Marketing Robot is always a beneficial deal. The article marketing campaign you can do with this software is really very simple. All you need to select the target market and make things easier for them to purchase from you.

The article marketing software generally comes with the built in spinner. It means you may make many unique variations of the article just by spinning it. Then you may distribute the unique spun version on each article directors. In case, done rightly, then this will help to overcome duplicate content issue. Software as well allows you add own list of the article directories over & above thousands of the inbuilt directories. Also, software gives feature for the automatic email confirmations when you sign up to directories. One more nice feature is scheduling of article distribution. It allows you distribute the articles over period of time and making this appear more natural to search engines. Lots of other article submission program do not give the good reporting & tracking of the published articles. The AMR gives best reporting & tracking of the articles & urls. When you know urls of the published articles you may make sure that articles get indexed & get the backlink. When you have bought automatic article submitter program you have an access to the updates that includes addition of the new directories to submit the articles to. I personally have seen number of the directories increase from 6000 – 10,000 in time I am using AMR, so the updates are very regular as well as make the huge difference!

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